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Drip, Micro, Centre Pivot Irrigation

If it is a new irrigation project you are keen on developing or an existing system that can be more efficient and energy saving, contact us today for a FREE survey and quotation!

VSD and Automation

- Efficient and Intelligent -

Guided by these terms let us revise and upgrade your Star Delta or DOL starter. As distributor of LG Industrial Electronics we can also automate and integrate your system with the latest technology to control everything from a Cenetre Pivot to a Pump Station, remotely.

Remote Crop Sensing

It has never been easier to not only monitor the health of your crop but  also determine how much water it needs for every stage of growth. Find out with whom we partnered to make it all happen remotely without any sensors!


-  Reliable, Precise and Trusted -

Being a successful farmer sometimes depend upon who you partner with. Our machine operators are also the machine owners and lives for the agricultural sector. Invest in our experience and services to give your crop the chance it deserves this season.